Because 2012 predictions are so mainstream…

The French will increase their involvement in the War of the Holy League and probably defeat the Spanish at some point.

With the assistance of the Papal Army, the Medicis will capture Florence again. Expectations that the Republic’s Secretary Niccolò Machiavelli will leave to write a book.

After several years delay, the Pope will finally attend the Fifth Council of the Lateran

After pressure to allow them to see Michelangelo’s painting, the public will be allowed into the Sistine Chapel for the first time.

The ongoing strife between father and son at the apex of the Ottoman Empire will result in the abdication of Bayezid II, and the enthronement of Selim I as the new Sultan.

James IV of Scotland Margaret Tudor with give birth to a future King of Scotland (to be fair, she is already pregnant, so this isn’t that risky a prediction to make!)

The Spanish government will finally break with sensible Christian thinking and pass laws granting rights to mere heathens in the Americas. Lets all hope that doesn’t happen – granting rights to heathens indeed!

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  1. What a good idea to remember that our past was once other people’s future… And that we will be ancient history once, too. :-)

  2. Lovely thought provoking idea…and interesting to remember that we can see only what our eyes see. In other words, our past is in front of us whilst it is our future that is behind us.

  3. Sevcan

    Oh that’s all soo funny! Thanks :) I love your predictions :) So likely to happen, somehow :P

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