A Victorian Advent Calendar – 21st Dec

Considering the regular complaints about the commercialisation of the modern Christmas, I decided to have my own Advent Calendar this month – made from adverts that were printed in Victorian newspapers.

Each day I will display an advert from my collection of the Illustrated London News (click on the image for a larger version).

Vinolia Soap

Advent Calendar

1st Sozodont Toothpaste 1892
2nd Fashions for the Season 1885
3rd Vigor’s Horse Action Saddle 1896
4th Benger’s Self-Digestive Food 1885
5th The Louis Velveteen 1885
6th Cambric Pocket Handkerchiefs 1885
7th Homocea 1894
8th Standard Domestic Ammonia 1892
9th Swanbill Corsets 1883
10th The Faulkner Diamond 1884
11th Nubian Blacking 1893
12th Bertelli’s Catramin Pills 1891
13th Carter Literary Machine/Invalid Comforts 1899
14th United Kingdom Tea Company 1891
15th Clarke’s Food Warmers 1895
16th Eno’s Fruit Salt 1891
17th Cockle’s Anti Bilious Pills 1895
18th Bovril 1899
19th Dr Scott’s Electric Hair Brush 1882
20th Maythorn and Son at Biggleswade 1897
21st Vinolia Soap 1891


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