When St Paul’s cathedral was forced to close/chose to close for a few days recently, there were murmurings that it was more worried about the loss of revenue from tourists than in its spiritual function – although the services within carried on regardless.

I heard one media comment that I sadly couldn’t substantiate, that they are legally required to hold Sunday services every week, regardless of whether the doors are open or not.

Although free to go in for worshippers, those who are more interested in the architecture than the function of St Paul’s Cathedral normally have to pay to get inside its stony walls. A full £12.50 per adult no less.

This Saturday though, as part of the Lord Mayor’s celebrations, entry will be completely free of charge, which makes it worth a visit, if you can get through the crowds watching the procession or the tent city outside the main entrance.

It’s a good chance to wander around the building without feeling you have to “see all the things” because you paid to get inside andl also to go up to the dome for the fine views of the city and the bulbous monstrosity that is the new One New Change shopping centre.

Doors open at 8:30am and the last admission to galleries 15.00. Last admission for sightseeing 15.45.

The outside walkway around the dome is open, but the top – the Golden Gallery – is closed for maintenance.

Another freebie at the Cathedral, if you like classical music, is a playing of Handel’s Messiah next month – you can request tickets by sending an SAE to the Cathedral. Details here.

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral without tourists - or tents.

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  1. Wildthyme

    Thanks for posting this :) Never been inside St. Paul’s before as the charge was off-putting.

  2. Last year I managed to watch the entire Lord Mayor’s Procession from the gallery around the outside of the Dome. There weren’t very many other people up there with me – it seems the free opening of St Paul’s isn’t widely known about.

  3. Richard Gillin

    Services every day? ’tis true – see Canons B10 and B13 here

  4. Alma Lewis

    £14.50 per adult, not £12.50. But anyone can go to evensong, every day at 5pm for free and have a look at the magnificient interior. Otherwise every Sunday it is open for free if you don’t mind attending a service.

  5. Jeremy (TheTravelApprentice)

    Guess I got lucky when I went here, I just walked right in! St. Paul’s is an outstanding building but £14.50 is a very steep price for viewing Architecture…

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