Just a bit of news about the website itself:

I tend to be wary of leaping onto technology bandwagons until at least they have checked if the brakes work properly and they know if the driver is competent.

However, as someone who owns a number of websites, I also try to make it as convenient as possible for people to read the websites I run – including this blog.

Therefore, I have just added Google+ to the tools available, even though as a platform it is pretty horrid for us website owners to use. Hopefully they will correct that (very) soon.

In addition to simply visiting the website, you can keep up with IanVisits via the following subscription models:



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Then there is also the weekly email sent out every Wednesday with a list of London events coming up the following week – subscribe here.

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  1. Is that email the same as the “Get the Free weekly guide to whats on in London” in the sidebar?

    …If so, could I just point out that there should be an apostrophe in “what’s”?

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