Regular readers may recall my rather fun little trip earlier this year on the Parliamentary Train that is needed to keep a bit of little used railway track near Clapham Junction legally open.

I mentioned at the time, that the train company that is forced to run this barely used service is trying to make it a bit more useful, and they have secured permission for a slight change.

Currently, the service leaves Wandsworth Road and runs non-stop to Kensington Olympia.

From Mon 12th Dec, the service will start just down the road, at the vastly busier Clapham High Street, and will still run to Kensington Olympia, but will also now stop at Wandsworth Road, Imperial Wharf and West Brompton.

Curiously, the southbound service in the morning wont run to Clapham High Street, but will terminate at Wandsworth Road as normal – although it will also start stopping at the intermediate stations.

So, if you want to catch this lonely relic of a legislative past while it is still possible to (often) have an entire train for your personal enjoyment, then you need to get down to Wandsworth by the 9th December.

After that, expect it to have a lot more passengers on board.

(I might pop back to catch the last train before it changes over the weekend – because I am that sort of person)

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2 comments on “Changes Announced to London’s only Parliamentary Train Service
  1. Ian Synge says:

    There’s another ‘parliamentary train’ that runs from New Beckenham to Beckenham Junction a couple of times a day – generally forming part of a service running from Charing Cross

  2. Nick Biskinis says:

    Thanks for this: I am hoping that come May 2012 they will have the service running to Clapham High Street aswell: it is literally a matter of one minute extra journey time and would deliver greater benefits