If you were lucky enough to book the prize locations for this week’s Open House event, expect an email shortly asking you to let them know if you now find you are not able to attend as planned.

That way they can release your space to those who missed out in the mad panic that Monday morning in August when we all scrambled to get the booking form to load before all the tickets were snapped up.

The email from Open House says that “the slots [will be] available for others to book in the last 24 hours.”

Presumably, tomorrow morning – or maybe as and when they become available?

The list of pre-booking venues is on an earlier blog post of mine so you can scan down them and I would suggest just keep trying the booking page to see if a slot becomes free between now and the weekend.

I shall also be trying, as one venue I filled in a form for didn’t register my request – although I ended up with two bookings to another venue, and a booking to somewhere I hadn’t even heard of. Computer wobbles?

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  1. Andrew

    Thanks. Booking for the BT Tower closed at 5pm on Monday, but they are only notifying the successul ones. Has anyone else had confirmation?

    Perhaps also worth mentioning the additions, amendments, and withdrawals listed at http://www.openhouselondon.org.uk/important/updates&amendments.html For example, Painters’ Hall has gone, but Drapers’ Hall has been added, and Pioneer Point has regular tours rather than being pre-book only.

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