The ARC Gloria arrives in London

A few days later than originally expected, the Colombian Navy’s flagship sailing ship, the ARC Gloria has arrived in London’s docklands for a few days.

Annoyingly – for this correspondent – it turns out there was a large welcoming party, and had I known I would have gone over at 7am to photograph that as well. Especially as the ship arrived with its massive flag unfurled and sailors on the masts.

You can see that at the BBC website though.

The ship is open to the public to have a wander around the upper decks until she leaves. Obviously, most of the sailors don’t speak English, so don’t expect a guided tour, unless you can speak Spanish.

The ship is moored in South Dock by Canary Wharf (map link).

Tue 23 August: closes at 7pm
Wed 24 August: 9am – 4pm
Thur 25 August: 9am – 7pm

Update 26th Aug: The ship will leave on Friday, but will head up to Tower Bridge for a farewell event – passing through at 12:15 and 12:45 (ish) before heading back out of London.

In the meantime, here are a few photos I took.

ARC Goria

ARC Goria

Main crest

Depth charges?

Ropes and pullys

Coiled walkway

Ship's Bell

19 thoughts on “The ARC Gloria arrives in London

  1. most of the sailors don’t speak English, so don’t expect a guided tour, unless you can speak Spanish.


    1. Saying some of them speak English is semantically the same as saying most of them don’t speak English.

      It doesn’t affect how you wander round the ship, so why are you shouting in a rage about a clear unambitious, and totally correct statement?

  2. Hello Ian, have you any idea what time the ship sails on Friday. I live in Southend and would dearly love to see her sail past the pier. I’ve tried the P.L.A. site with no success



    1. The two I tried to speak to chose not to then.

      Anyway, we seem to be bogged down on an insignificant issue that wont spoil any visit.

  3. Went down to West India Docks today to have a look at her. What a fantastic ship, especially with the extra large Colombian flag flying There was certainly a big interest in her today as there was a significant queue to get on board and a large amount of visitors on deck. It was well worth it to have a look around. Very steps for my liking and wouldn’t want to be walking around on that deck in a gale.

  4. The embassy site says 10.00. Is this GMT?
    But the Tower bridge times on the same site agree with the official Tower bridge times, which are BST?

    I would be most grateful for clarification.


  5. Had a look around the ship this evening, and it seems to have attracted a large South American audience. We watched quite a few of the sailors returning to deck, generally carrying Sports Direct carrier bags – replica football shirts no doubt.

  6. She came under Tower Bridge for a short visit this afternoon. Very impressed with all the people out to see her and the rousing national anthem from sailors and spectators alike. Very patriotic and inspiring!

  7. Am very proud to say our boys were the kindest, sweetest and were ever so polite. I felt like they brought a bit of our heritage and love to the UK…. And I have to say I am proud of how they have made a real effort to learn a foreign language (english) while still living in Colombia…. I know I wouldn’t have been able to. Safe trip and may god be with them on their journey around the world!

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