Been sent a note on Twitter that a documentary originally shown in 2009 about the design of London Transport’s famous Art Deco style headquarters building is back on the BBC’s iPlayer service.

I have been inside for a tour during London Open House Weekend, but we were not allowed to take photos of the interior. So your best chance of seeing inside the building, other than going on a tour, is to watch the documentary.

Presented by a James May lookalike, it is not that bad a programme from memory. Sadly, lack of sound on my PC means I can’t watch it again, unless I like silent movies.

Will be on the BBC website for another six days before it presumably disappears into the digital vaults until it is dusted off again in a year or two.

Click here to watch

The building recently had its listing rating upgraded by English Heritage, and was later confirmed that TfL are considering moving out to an alternative office block.

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  1. Jacques Bouliane

    Any chance this clip makes its way to YouTube, as iPlayer is not available outsode of the UK?



    • IanVisits

      You’d have to ask the BBC as they own the copyright.

  2. Kit Green

    An interesting programme.
    A shame (as I like accuracy!) that the presenter kept saying 55 Broadway was built as the headquarters of London Transport as it was not. It was commissioned by Underground Electric Railways Company of London. This company became part of the new London Passenger Transport Board in 1933.
    55 Broadway had been completed in 1929.

  3. Splendid. Been to a few meetings there over the years, always a joy to be inside.

  4. AndrewH

    Wonder if it will be included in London Open House this year? I hope so…am taking a day of annual leave in order to book the best as early as possible, and this would be priority #1!

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