You might recall that earlier this year, the somewhat run down tube station that had once marked the end of the East London Line before it was severed in favour of a modern concrete box was put up for sale.

With a reserve price of just £180,000 – Shoreditch Tube Station somehow managed to go for £665,000, and to an art gallery.

Now owned by an organisation called “nowtspecial“, they are hosting an event later this week.

According to their Facebook page since the sale, the site has been renovated and transformed into “East London’s most unique arts/events space with a spectacular 700 capacity newly decked terrace running directly under the heart of Brick Lane, and a 400 capacity ground floor foyer, being the old station ticket hall.”

I make no comment about the art event, as they are being annoyingly cryptic about it – but the event does offer a chance to go and see what has happened to the old tube station since it last saw passengers.

Exhibition is open June 2nd-9th, 10am to 7pm.

Hat tip: The Londoneer

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  1. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    You could justifiably complain about the term “most unique”, though. Things are unique, if there’s just one of them, or they’re not.

  2. You’re right Ian – suitably art words in the description of the event when what most of us want to know is – will there be cartoons, will there be sculptures, will there be graffiti etc. I’m going over tomorrow (Thursday) after work so I’ll let you know whether it lives up to all the hype (I am secretly excited to see the station too – I’ll take pictures wherever I’m allowed)

  3. I was down that way yesterday, and saw some work was going on inside the building – it didn’t really look much like it would be opening today, but I’ll have to go along and see what kind of magic they’ve worked!

  4. Dean Nicholas

    It was also open last month for a special event hosted by, of all things, Mixmag magazine. This video shows the young and beautiful grooving away in the old station:

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