Conveniently timed for lunchtime, on Wednesday (4th May), a WW2 Lancaster bomber is due to fly over central London.

Although the notice from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight doesn’t say why the fly past is happening, checking other sources shows that the Honorary Air Marshal, the Royal Air Force, The Duke of Gloucester will be in Green Park to mark the start of construction of the Bomber Command memorial.


The fly past is due at 12:20 (although earlier documents suggested 11:45am, so caveat emptor).

I’d suggest looking (and listening) at 11:45 and if the distinctive roar of a bomber flying low over London isn’t heard, try again half an hour later.

I don’t have the exact route over London, but typically they come in from the North-East. and head out towards the North-West.

The memorial itself is to be built at the Northern side of Green Park facing Picadilly, so I would guess that the final approach will be from the North or South to line up with the assembled brass by the Memorial, but that is a guess.

If I am able to get a more detailed flight route, I will update this blog post with the details.

Here is a full list of London Flypasts in 2011.

Update: Been told the flight path will be “East to West”, which isn’t hugely accurate, but it helps a little.

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  1. Matt Balyuzi

    Lancaster went overhead South Ken @11:40

  2. Simon Whitehead

    Lancaster came over Shirley, Croydon at 11:52

  3. Donna Roberts

    I see it going past my office window, back of Broadwick St. then out towards the London Eye!

  4. simon stanleigh

    Over West Norwood @ 11:45ISH, great sight

  5. roger matthews

    photograph taken from hyde park at 1145hrs
    looked and sounded great.
    made my visit to london.

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