Photos – Two military hovercraft on the Thames

A dull rumbling sound getting slowly louder is usually a hint that I should get up and look out of the window to see if anything interesting is coming along the river.

Usually it’s just a tourist boat being unusually close to the shore – and sometimes it’s one of these…

Not sure why they are here, but you do get military boats going up the Thames at least once a month – and the dark sinister black police inflatables almost every week.

Update: Been advised they are Royal Marines in town for the visit by HMS Bulwark later this week and will be part of the assault demonstrations taking place on Thursday. More details here.

Livens up an otherwise dull morning though.

Hovercraft on the Thames

Hovercraft on the Thames

Hovercraft on the Thames

Hovercraft on the Thames

It’s not the first time I have seen hovercraft go past the flat though – this from a couple of years ago.

9 thoughts on “Photos – Two military hovercraft on the Thames

  1. They launched from next door to our office in Gravesend, Kent this morning and will be accompanying HMS Bulwark when she makes a five day visit to Greenwich. HMS Bulwark is due to arrive on Wednesday 16th March.

  2. Yes, saw these going past our office at Millennium Bridge earlier. We had to pause our conversation as they were pretty noisy!.

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