Get tickets to the Ig Nobel Awards

The Ig Nobels are coming!
The Ig Nobels are coming!
The Ig Nobels are coming!

What is one of the key highlights of the annual science entertainment calendar is making a return to Imperial College next month, with an evening comprising of an oddly eclectic mix of science, opera and a small girl walking up to people and saying “Please Stop, I’m Bored”.

If somehow you haven’t come across the Ig Nobels, then they are awarded each year for genuine scientific studies that “first make you laugh and then think”. Quite often, the topic is made even funnier by the pompous title granted to it in the formal write up.

Although the Ig Nobel awards are handed out at MIT late last year, they then travel around the globe putting on shows with various Ig Nobel award winners. This year they return to Imperial College in Kensington on Thursday 17th Mar 2011 from 6pm.

Click here for my review of the show in 2009

You can also watch the 2009 show over at YouTube.

To reserve FREE tickets to the show, send an email, stating name and address and how many tickets (max 2 per person) to

More details here.

See you there on the night!

For non-London types, other shows will be at:

  • Liverpool (March 13), Cavern Club [private show]
  • Bristol (Hewlett Packard) (March 15)
  • Liverpool area (Unilever) (March 16)
  • Dundee (University of Dundee) (March 19)
  • others to be announced

3 thoughts on “Get tickets to the Ig Nobel Awards

  1. Thanks for the reminder about applying for tickets. I was one of the lucky ones who got tickets in the ballot, and we can’t wait to go!

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