Photos – Reflections in the River Thames

Here is a photo of a comparatively rare sight for the River Thames – can you see what is unusual?

Reflections in the Thames - 1

The reflections – the river is actually reflecting the image of the buildings and the clouds above.

Erm, so what you might be justifiably thinking right now, isn’t it common knowledge that water acts like a mirror and reflects images?

Well, as it happens, Old Father Thames doesn’t obey that rule.

Not due to some magical property in the water, but because it is both a tidal river and in an area which is fairly windy, the river is usually too turbulent for the reflections to be visible in the choppy waves.

This morning, the pond-like silence of the water is not just somewhat eerie (where are the boats for a start?), but you get the rare chance to capture really good stable reflections of the buildings and clouds in the water.

Reflections in the Thames - 2

Reflections in the Thames - 3

Reflections in the Thames - 4

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