Held inside Windsor Castle later this year, the Monarch and most of the senior Royals will progress through the Castle to St George’s Chapel for the annual Garter Service.

The Order of the Garter is the senior and oldest British Order of Chivalry, founded by Edward III in 1348. Although ancient in nature, the current form of the Garter ceremonial only dates from 1948, when formal installation was revived by King George VI for the first time since 1805.

Modern revivals of old traditions are not that uncommon, and most of the “ancient” traditions of Monarchy can be dated only as far back as Edward VII, who succeeded the reclusive Queen Victoria and recognised the importance of pomp and ceremony in a modern Monarchy.

Truly ancient ceremonies tend to be either religious or linked to the medieval trading guilds, such as the City of London Livery Companies or market town councils.

Photo courtesy of the official Monarchy website

Anyhow – while the Garter Service takes place in private within the Chapel, and Windsor Castle is closed for the day, it is possible to watch the semi-private ceremonial procession to St George’s Chapel.

Frankly, you will be standing around for a while, and get but a few minutes of proximity to the Royal presence, but tickets to watch the procession are tightly limited which makes it quite a rare thing to have seen in person – and hence one worth adding to the list of “things I have done”. It’s also one of the few occasions when all the Royal Family are decked out in fancy costumes at the same time.

To request tickets, send an email before 1st March to Garterday.info@royal.gsx.gov.uk with your name/address. You can request up to four tickets.

As with the Trooping the Colour, tickets will be allocated by ballot after the closing of applications.

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  1. feng juan li

    i ‘ve never been to the ceremony before, and i like the Queen, i would be very pleased to see the Queen.

  2. stephen saunders

    I would like four tickets please.

  3. Charlotte Sutton

    If I could have 3 tickets please, that would be amazing.

    • IanVisits

      Why did you ask me for the tickets instead of following the instructions given about about how to apply for them?

  4. Jessica

    We went last year, it’s amazing. Right from the invite on the Windsor notepaper and Royal Frank, my son Age 10 said on the day I don’t know why but its so cool to see The Queen up close, and he’s right it is!

    • steph

      I’ve applied for tickets dunno if I will get any though. I was just wondering what time you think is best to arrive there to get a good viewing place. And also the process on arrival as the Castle is closed to people without tickets on that day are you shown where to go and do you still pay for entry.

  5. beatrice brown

    My friends and i had a amzing time time last year and would very much like to see this again this

  6. doreen newbury

    My husband abd two daughters had such a fantastic day last year we realy would appreciate tickets for this year. Many thanks Doreen Newbury

  7. Christine bell

    I would like 2 please

  8. Rachel Anderson

    Hi there,

    I have just heard I’ve got tickets for this year’s Order of the Garter and was wondering what time is best to be there and what time it finishes?


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