Yes, it’s a blatant PR stunt, but Mayor Boris went not just to the top of The Shard today, but actually a little bit higher than even that – as he climbed up the crane sitting on the very top of the building.

Now, I am a bit queasy with heights, and while standing at the top of The Shard, on the concrete core would be doable, climbing up the crane would have me frozen to the spot in fear. Indeed, a close in photo shows the Mayor looking slightly uncomfortable.

Shard official shots Boris Johnson and James Sellar

However, one thing to think about – where is the cameraman?

Am I right in thinking someone was put into in a cradle and was lifted up on a cable swinging in the air?


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  1. I am not even slightly scared of heights but this made me feel distinctly weird! Thanks for sharing, though – it is a terrific photo.

  2. Good to see Boris on top.

  3. There may not be a cameraman in a cradle swinging in mid-air. It may just be a camera, possibly even remote controlled. But it is certainly a frightening thought!

  4. My thought was that it would probably be a remote-controlled camera – it would be fairly easy to fire off a bunch of shots whilst the camera was pointing the right way, and pick the best later.

  5. TRT

    I’ve never noticed all the blue cranes on top of the Lloyd’s building before. Must cost a fortune in maintenance and certification.

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