A couple of weeks ago, a small exhibition opened at the Building Centre with images of how the Crossrail stations are expected to look in 2017 when the railway eventually opens to the public.

For me, a good train station exhibition had lots of 3D drawings of the layout of the structure, some fancy mock-ups of what the station will look like and where possible some models.

The exhibition does indeed have a model – and the tiny signage suggests we are looking at Tottenham Court Road station, although a larger sign says it is just a generic model of a concept station.

A digital display plays some video and the main wall have a bit of “wanky architect speak” along with some photos.

To be honest, its not really that much of an exhibition to look at.

Crossrail Exhibition

Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend exhibitions at the Building Centre, but this time, I would say you can see all the images perfectly comfortably on your computer by visiting the London Reconnections website instead.

The Exhibition is open until the 8th of December – google maps link – and the huge scale model of London is always worth a look at.

Diamond Geezer also visited, and was rather cross.

Crossrail Exhibition - Scale Model

Crossrail Exhibition - Scale Model

Crossrail Exhibition - Scale Model

Crossrail Exhibition - Scale Model

Crossrail Exhibition - Scale Model

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