Photos – Commemorating the Nine Regicides

If you read the blog regularly, then you may recall that this morning, a march down The Mall took place to commemorate the Nine Regicides.

Organised by the Roundhead Association of the English Civil War Society, it was a visually spectacular event, enlivened by occasional comments by the bystanders wondering what on earth was going on.

After the parade formed up in Horseguards, awards were handed out to long-serving members to the cry of Huzzah from the rest, and then they marched back up towards Admiralty Arch, where a small group passed through to the statue of King Charles I, which sits on the site of the executions of seven of the nine.

The Royalists put a wreath in front of the statue every January, but this wreath was lain behind the statue. Random, or a deliberate decision not to honour the King they opposed?


I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite photos from the morning – the whole lot can be found over at Flickr.




Presenting at Horseguards

Laying the wreath

More photos can be found over at Flickr.

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