Despite saying the other day that I am clearing out my film collection as I just don’t watch them any more, I am still a bit of a fan of cult movies.

Last year, I attended a fun film screening at the gothic church in Islington which was quite fun, and they are back again later this month.

They have three films to choose from this year:

Quatermass and the Pit – October 29
The Amityville Horror – October 30
Psycho – October 31

Personally, I am going to sate my never ending hunger for tube-geekery and go for Quatermass and the Pit, which is famously set in the Central Line extension digging works.

You can reserve tickets via their website

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  1. Matt

    Can you tell me what/where the ‘Central Line extension digging works’ are?

    • IanVisits

      Erm, they are efforts that involved digging a tunnel for the purpose of extending the Central Line – its a key feature of the film plot.

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