My systems tracker has alerted me to a date for your diaries.

Tickets to be in the audience to watch Have I Got News for You being recorded live will be made available on Tuesday 21st September at 11:00 am.

The website where you get the tickets will then dutifully crash at 11:01 am.

I am rarely interested in watching TV shows being recorded, but HIGNFY is one of my favourite TV shows. More importantly though, unlike some other recordings I have been dragged along to – this is basically a 2 hour version of the TV show without constant stopping/starting/editing going on throughout the evening. In other words, it is actually quite enjoyable rather than being a bit tedious.

There is a bit of a procedure to getting tickets – and on the night of the recording.

This earlier blog post of mine explains all.

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  1. David Walters

    Thanks for this. I seem to have got through the first set of hurdles and now wait until 2 weeks before my chosen date to see if I have tickets.

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