Loyalty is not rewarded

Had an email from Open House London this morning that has frankly, put me in a bit of a bad mood.

The Open House 2010 press evening reception to officially launch the 2010 event takes place on the revolving 34th floor of BT Tower, next Wednesday 15 September.

This is your chance to win tickets to this exclusive event.

To enter into the competition, buy the Open House Guide at £6.50 at the shop page before 6pm Thursday 9 Sept. Enter the two names into the comments box, and we will put you into the prize draw. OR, if you already have your Guide, why not forward this to a friend.

OK, I know all companies offer deals to new “customers” that are not available to existing customers, and as someone who brought the guide when it was first released, I am an existing customer.

Somehow though, it was the OR bit that really irritated me.

So, if you haven’t got a copy of the guide yet, it is quite a good booklet and I often find it useful during the year as an architectural guide – and you might get a chance to visit the BT Tower.

Send me some photos if you do.

Update: The latest newsletter from Open House says that everyone who has brought a guide will now go into a separate draw to win tickets to the BT Tower.

8 thoughts on “Loyalty is not rewarded

  1. Another one annoyed here too pre ordered and paid for my guide in April/May. Which I am happy to do but… come on.
    Other thing about the BT Tower – You need passport or new style driving licence. So if you have no passport and an old style driving licence (but were born here and pay masses of taxes) you are excluded but a valid passport from any other country is OK. Great.

  2. You are understandably annoyed, Ian. You have been bigging-up this event for ages, and you bought the guide before everyone else – which just entitles you to…advertise it some more for them. Bah!

    Didn’t get a place on the BT Tower thingy, but it wasn’t for want of trying. Thanks for telling us how to enter.

  3. Totally agree! Most people I know have either a) have the OH 2010 Guide or b) don’t give a rat’s arse about buildings or London so wouldn’t be keen on shelling out on the guide!

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