Military Aircraft Flying over London on Tuesday

If you are in central London on Tuesday lunchtime, then LOOK TO THE SKIES!

As part of the events to remember the Battle of Britain, a service is being held in St Paul’s Cathedral, which will be followed by a march past the Cathedral on the ground and flypast of three military aircraft somewhat higher up.

The service tomorrow (7th Sept) starts at 11am and finishes at noon.

The flypast – which will go right over St Paul’s Cathedral – is expected to take place at 12:30 and will be made up of a WWII Spitfire, a Lancaster and a Dakota – all from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

The date of Tuesday 7 September 2010 has been chosen for the commemoration as it is exactly 70 years to the day since Hitler’s war offensive switched from military targets to the bombing of cities and industrial centres.

I can’t find out the flight path – despite asking the BBMF – and would guess they will fly east to west so that they fly over the front entrance of the Cathedral where the march-past is taking place. That is just a guess though.

They take off and will return to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire if you want to try and catch them en-route.

Note: Flypasts of this nature are always subject to the weather. If it is pouring down with rain, then the planes don’t fly.

In addition, the replica Spitfire that was outside the Cabinet War Rooms has been moved to outside the Cathedral today.

The Spitfire
The Lancaster
The Dakota

11 thoughts on “Military Aircraft Flying over London on Tuesday

  1. Just saw this go past my workplace near monument going roughly east to west as predicted – cheered me up a bit after my 2 hour walk to work from paddington due to the tube strike!

  2. Lovely flypast…I was by Somerset House which they seemed to use as a turning point…dakota then lancaster then spitfire…brilliant!

  3. Lots of people down at St Pauls – for the parade as well as the flypast. The sun came out just in time for both. Superb! and moving as always.

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