I know almost nothing about this – thanks the paucity of information offered in the email that arrived this morning – but it is probably worth highlighting anyway.

Between 19th August and 19th November, Burgh House in Hampstead is hosting an exhibition of tube posters and objects that feature Hampstead Station.

The sole information is: Burgh House & Hampstead Museum presents an exhibition on the history of Hampstead Underground station, featuring objects from the Museum’s collection and a selection of posters kindly lent by London Transport Museum.

It might be a large room full of goodies, or a small annexe with half a dozen items, but the station was built during the “golden age” of the London Underground, so could be quite interesting to visit.

Burgh House is a short walk from Hampstead Station.

Opening hours are quite restricted. Wednesday – Friday & Sunday: Open 12-5pm. It might be open on Saturday afternoon as well, but only if the exhibition is in the art gallery rather than in the museum.

Admission is free.

I am actually quite keen on the old tube posters and design, and picked up a copy of a book on poster design when the Transport Museum held an exhibition about them in 2008, so will probably wander over one Friday afternoon to see what it is like.

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