A few months ago I commented about the effect on reflecting heat that painting roofs with white paint could have.

I was therefore interested to see via Everything Popular is Wrong that there is now a group set up specifically to promote the idea.

The organisation – Paint the Globe – promotes the idea, although its website is rather light on supporting facts, and rather heavy on presuming that the reader is based in the USA – which is ironic for an organisation with the word “globe” in its title. That quibble aside, in terms of total impact on climate change, this is mere tokenism, but quite often tokenism leads to bigger and better changes and more awareness of the issues. Which can only be a good thing.

As it is difficult to persuade people to get out the white paint after a building is constructed – maybe the planning system should encourage upward facing surfaces to be painted white as part of the process of getting planning permission?

One of the areas where I agreed with the former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone is when he commissioned a report on promoting green roofs in London, although I am not sure if it was pushed as an important issue for planning controls.

In the meantime, I am off to buy shares in the makers of Dulux paints.

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  1. Wonder if it would cause more light pollution at night for us star-watchers?

    • IanVisits

      Only if the lights are above the roof line, which is not going to be common-place, and such situations could be resolved by a sensible planning policy regarding light pollution issues.

  2. Our roof of our building in Berwick St is painted silver now, it reflect the heat down back into the building and the solar heat up and away… apparently.

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