Saturday tours of the Houses of Parliament

There have been tours of the Houses of Parliament during the Summer Recess for some years – but did you know they are now available all year round?

Trawling through the House of Commons Early Day Motions (as you do), I noticed this one commending the House authorities for opening the public tours throughout the year, on Saturdays.

You what?!?

Although the Parliament website doesn’t really make this option clear, it is certainly available on the bookings website.

So, if you fancy a tour of the building – booking a Saturday tour now might be a good way of getting in a smaller than average group before some idiot writes about the all-year tours on a blog somewhere. Oh!

The public tours don’t include the Clock Tower where Big Ben resides, but you can arrange a special visit if you want – details here.

2 thoughts on “Saturday tours of the Houses of Parliament

  1. I did one of the summer tours a couple of years ago at the behest of a friend who came to visit. It was one of the best tenners I’ve spent. Great to hear the tours are available all year round now, I’ll try not to shout it too loudly…

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