My route to the shopping centre can sometimes take me over the bridge at West India Docks, and occasionally the scenery is added to by the presence of a visiting ship or two.

This weekend, there are in fact four NATO affiliated war ships based in the docks – although quite why they are here seems to difficult to find out.

The four ships, part of a joint force, are ITS Granatiere, an Italian frigate, which hosts the Group’s command staff and three mine hunter vessels, ESPS SEGURA (Spain), TCG AMASRA (Turkey), and ITS RIMINI (Italy).

The will be here until Tuesday (1st June), so there is a chance to get down and see them on Bank Holiday Monday. I am guessing from the tidal times, that they’ll leave at either at 4am or 4pm via the dock gates at Preston’s Road.

Fluff piece from British Waterways

Sadly, the public are not allowed on board. Sulks!

Some photos


TCG Amasra

ITS Granatiere

ITS Granatiere

ITS Granatiere

ITS Granatiere

Three aircraft shot down?

Three aircraft shot down?

Gun aiming at the DLR

Gun aimed at the DLR trains

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