A few months ago I decided to start taking regular photos of the skyline to document the construction of The Shard from my home.

Umm, a bit of laziness in taking photos and incompetence in keeping some of the ones I did take has left a few gaps in the time-lapse, although most of the missing weeks were when the structure was below the line of sight anyway.

Now that the core is rising up and fast becoming a major feature on the skyline, it will be harder to forget in future!

Here are three photos to show how the concrete core is rising up over just the past few weeks.

Nothing to see – yet.

Just starting to peer out over the tops of the buildings

Fairly noticeable now!

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  1. Plummy Mummy

    OK being a bit thick, I can’t see what I’m meant to be looking at. In future, can you add a big red arrow for us visually-challenged types. Thank you very much 😉

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