Although not especially religious, I do quite like some of the religious trappings of the traditional Christmas celebrations and one of them is attending Carols in a proper Church.

None of this “salvation army in a train station as I rush home” for me, I want the full blast of Christmas that can only come from sitting on an uncomfortable wooden bench in a cold church.

If of a similar inclination – here is a list of the various carol services being held in the Churches within the City of London:

The links take you to Google Maps

Thursday 10 December

12:30 ‘The Daily Telegraph’ Carols St Bride Fleet Street

13:00 The Britain-Australia Society Carol Service St Mary le Bow

15:00 FCC Carol Service St Bartholomew the Less

Friday 11 December

18:30 The Firefighters Company Carol Service St Mary le Bow

Sunday 13 December

18:30 ‘A Ceremony of Carols’ by Benjamin Britten (free admission) St Bride Fleet Street

Monday 14 December

18:00 The Arbitrators Company Carol Service St Mary le Bow

18:00 The Scriveners Company Carol Service St Martin Ludgate

18:30 Journalists’ Carols – all welcome (£5 donation) St Bride Fleet Street

Tuesday 15 December

13:00 Carol Service. Mince pies & refreshments will be served afterwards St Botolph Aldersgate

13:00 The City of London Club Carol Service St Mary le Bow

Wednesday 16 December

13:05 Carol Service with mulled wine & mince pies St Martin within Ludgate

18:00 Parish Carol Service St Stephen Walbrook

18:30 The Chartered Architects and Furniture Makers Companies Carol Service St Mary le Bow

Thursday 17 December

12:45 Christmas Carol Service St Margaret Pattens

13:00 Carol Service. Mince pies & refreshments will be served afterwards St Botolph Aldersgate

13:00 Christmas Carol Service followed by refreshments St Andrew Holborn

13:00 Carol Service St Helen Bishopsgate

13:05 Parish Carols St Katharine Cree

13:10 Parish Carol Service with the Choir and Band of the Coopers’ Company and Coborn School followed by refreshments St Botolph Bishopsgate

18:00 A Traditional Service of Carols by Candlelight All Hallows by the Tower

18:00 A Service of Nine Lessons and Carols St Bartholomew the Great

18:30 Parish Carol Service St Andrew by the Wardrobe

Friday 18 December

13:05 The Parish Carol Service – seasonal choral music and congregational carols – all welcome St Mary le Bow

Monday 21 December

17:30 Christmas Carol Service – The Lord Mayor will be in attendance. All welcome St Lawrence Jewry

18:00 “Noël, Noël” – A Festival of French Carols All Hallows by the Tower

Tuesday 22 December

13:00 Carol Service St Helen Bishopsgate

13:15 Christmas Carol Service St Dunstan in the West

12:00 Fleet Street Carols – all welcome St Bride Fleet Street

18:30 Fleet Street Carols – open to all St Bride Fleet Street

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1 Comment

  1. a very nice effort, all around.
    I was wondering if Ian put this xmas performance list together, or if it came from some organization???

    cheers, all the best

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