As I am betting you are probably aware, the Circle Line is shortly to be uncoiled and turned into something that is still called a circle, but is most certainly not.

As with most changes on the train networks, there is inevitably a moment of handover from old to new.

I’ve been having a thought, and decided that it would be quite fun to catch the very last ever fully circular circle line train (yes, I am that sad).

By my calculations – that is the 23:37 train from Tower Hill on Sat 12th Dec, running anti-clockwise round the network and finishing back at Tower Hill about an hour later. An earlier train at 23:07 is the last clockwise train.

At this moment, there are no plans for engineering works on the line that weekend.

If thinking of getting up early to catch the first less-than-circle circle line train, then be warned that they have already run the trains in that format with passengers, for a trial weekend (diamond geezer passim).

I’ve been on a few last train trip events, and while unofficial so far, I think it might be a laugh to do the same for the Circle Line.

A few more thoughts elsewhere:

Annie Mole worries about what the new line will be called

Dave Hill gets all existentialist about the meaning of circles.

Diamond Geezer fisks the new posters advertising the line.

The Londonist dons its waterproofs and hooks an angler fish – probably by the Westbourne River.

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  1. *sniffles* It feels like the end of an era. If I remember closer to the time, I am so there.

  2. Helen

    It’s gone in the diary!

  3. Thomas Wood

    I’ll be joining you if I remember…

  4. J

    Last clockwise train left Notting Hill Gate at 0031, arriving (and terminating) at King’s Cross at approximately 0045 (I was on it!). Much later than you suggested…

  5. IanVisits

    That may have been the last train to run on part of the circle line, but it wouldn’t have been the last to run “all the way round” the circle line.

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