A heads up that the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square is showing archive films of London in the 1950s as part of a free event later this month.

tickets-image-smallThe official fluff reads:

Take a trip back in time to see 1950s London through rare and original archive film. Reminisce about life as used to be in the capital and remember the events that shaped the 1950s; from the lights returning to the post-war Piccadilly Circus and the Festival of Britain; to the last presentation of debutantes and the coming of motorways.

Anyone who went to see the B&W films in Trafalgar square recently, or with a general interest in London history will probably find this of interest.

You can reserve up to 4 free tickets at the Archive Film Shop website.

Path̩ News has also been making its archive easier to view Рand some of my personal selection is here.

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