Watching The Shard go up

Looking up from the desk where I spend rather too much time typing on a computer keyboard, I can see the embryonic stages of a new skyscraper starting to rise up over London.

To be honest, I can’t actually see a single bit of the skyscraper, but I can see the cranes that have just gone up on the site next to Guys Hospital – and over the next few years I should be able to watch the structure itself rise up out of the ground and slowly come to dominate the view from my living room.

Taking my cue from a series of photos of the Olympic Stadium taken by Diamond Geezer, I am today starting my own photo time-line of The Shard being built.

Subject to still living in the same flat over the next few years, I should build up a series of photos of The Shard as seen from the Canary Wharf area.

I am not expecting anything noticeable until January at the earliest, but will follow the “language of the cranes” on the skyline over the next few months regardless.

The Shard - Oct 2nd 2009

Eventually, we should get something not too dissimilar to this:

The Shard - from Docklands

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  1. M@

    Nice. If plans go ahead, you might also witness the re-cladding of Guys, and a set of three residential towers going up, perhaps blocking your view of the Eye (quick, call English Heritage).

    • IanVisits

      I am not happy about Guys Hospital cladding as I quite like the style as it is.

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