Chance to visit the Kingsway Subway tunnels

Some years ago, I cam within a whiskers length of getting a tour of the Kingsway subway tunnel that runs near to Holborn in central London, and is now largely used as a storage box by the local council.

Sadly, my attempts which came so close to success were thwarted by an officious oik, who’s ranting email within Camden Council was accidentally (?) cc’d to me – and he was basically furious that a decsion was taken without his input.

Visit cancelled.

A few years later, I won a charity auction from the Transport Museum for a tour of the tunnels. Woo I thought, but again the council proved, umm, difficult and the prize was later substituted for a tour of the disused Aldwych tube station.

Close, but still no cigar.

Yesterday, my heart positively leapt as The Londonist advised that an art installation is to be put in the tunnels, and the public will be allowed in on tours. The tickets were expected to be made available yesterday, but I had an email this morning from the organisers confirming ticket availability at last.

Finally, I get in to see the tunnels (and some art).

So if you want to admire an art event see the tunnels – then swiftly click hither.

Incidentally, some years ago as part of the London Open House events, I went to see the iconic Isokon Flats in Belsize Park which were about to be restored – and the same people behind the Kingsway event had put art installations inside the semi-derelict apartments. It worked really well, so I am actually quite pleased that they are behind the Kingsway event as well.

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