Radical new concept challenges Facebook for teen market

At a meeting of Mad Men Marketing…


Boss, Boss, We just got the contract to push this radical new product aimed at teenagers!

Great! Tell me about it.

Well, its a revolutionary new way for teenagers to collect their thoughts in one place and keep them together with pictures and contact details of their friends.

You mean – a new version of Facebook?

Even better! This can’t be lost by computer data wipes or have your details spread all over the internet for everyone to see. It has privacy built in!

Wow, that sounds incredible – what’s the product called?

It’s something called a notebook and you use a pen to write on sheets of paper.

That’s amazing! Get me a funky TV advertising campaign by the end of the week – we HAVE to capture this exciting new market.


2 thoughts on “Radical new concept challenges Facebook for teen market

  1. Oh thats fab. I love it.

    “subject to availability” though. Didnt realise there was a world notebook shortage!

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