Are tobacco websites banned in the UK?

After being referred to a website with a walking tour of London themed around Cigars by @LDN, I became aware of a bit of an oddity – as a cigar vendor is claiming that a change in British law means that it is now illegal for their website to be viewed from within the UK.

I am not off the top of my head aware of such a law coming into practice, so put it out there for you to advise me if the “great firewall of China” has moved a bit.

I also visited the website by using a proxy that made me seem to be outside the UK, and there wasn’t really anything horrific on the website – just lists of cigars, accessories and the like. Indeed, exactly the sort of thing I have purchased online in the past without any hassles.

Anyhow – have a visit to and see what you find.


Are they right, and the law has changed, or are we dealing with over-zealous company lawyers worrying about a negligible issue?

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