Small(ish) improvement to the events guide

Was bored so made a couple of changes to the events guide, one of which helps me, and one of which I hope helps you.

Fairly simply, the listings page will now give a hint, in brackets just after the title, of where the event is being held.

For example:

11:00 AM An Audience With Polly Hewson (Charing Cross)
Costumed tour and talk through the Georgian House by Charing Cross.
06:00 PM Candlelit evening at Sir John Soane’s Museum (Holborn)
Monthly candle lit evening opening at the museum of curiosities.
07:00 PM Media Talk: Afghanistan’s presidential election (Bayswater)
A debate talk asking what impact will the re-election of Hamid Karzai have throughout Afghanistan?
07:30 PM An Evening with Timothy West (Southwark)
Stories and memories at Southwark cathedral from the famous actor.

It’s based on the first part of the post code of the venue and the Royal Mail post code districts. At the moment, some addresses don’t have suitable postcodes, but I will improve that over time.

Hopefully that will help a bit if looking for something to do.

The other change was a complex bit of recoding to help the site do better if people are searching in Google due to the original software that underpins the website being a bit cack-handed. Won’t affect you directly, but it fixing it put me in a good mood.

If you have any suggestions for further tweaks and improvements – please suggest them below. I might even agree with you and carry them out ;)

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