Those fine chaps (and chapesses) over at the London Parks & Gardens Trust, who organise the annual Open Gardens Squares Weekend have launched a new project to create an online database of every notable garden and park in London.

The 3-year project commenced in December 2008 and will be completed by late 2011, with new research, photography and historic images brought in to illustrate the entries.

In the first instance it includes core information on sites on the Inventory Database, which now comprises over 2430 entries, and these are gradually being uploaded.

They say that they wanted to make some information available now and to give people a taster of the full website, but they’d also like to encourage people to contribute comments, knowledge and feedback – so if you know about a garden or park (or geekish database knowledge), here is your chance to contribute to the project.

Details over at the The London Gardens Online Project

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  1. Do you know what content management system they’re using? They way they have the database setup is similar to something I have an idea for. I tired e-mailing them, but the e-mail bounced.

  2. IanVisits

    No idea.

  3. I’m involved in the London Parks & Gardens Trust database/inventory/website – this is a response to Jonathan. Sorry your email bounced back, but it should be working now! The inventory database is Access, but if you want information about the London Gardens Online website you should contact Footmark Media. And thanks Ian for flagging up the new website!

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