Hoxton Hotel’s £1 Room Sale

The semi-regular sale held by the Hoxton Hotel is on again, and offers a brief opportunity to book hotel rooms for a proverbial song.

They have 1,000 bedrooms up for grabs on their website: 500 at £1 and 500 at £29, for dates between the 1st August 2009 – 31st October 2009.

During the last sale in April, they say they sold all 1,000 rooms within 11 minutes and had over 300,000 people trying to book so you’ll need to be quick – which is supported by comments by friends who support comments that the bookings go very quickly.

Pointless for most Londoners, but most of us have “out of town” friends or relatives who might appreciate a cheap hotel for an autumn visit to the big city.

Set your diary for July 2nd at noon.

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