If you are envious of the recent tour of HMS Illustrious I wrote about, you might be interested to learn that it has just been announced that, as part of a weekend of Navy events,  tours of HMS Daring will be available this coming September.

HMS DaringAlas, not in London – you’ll have travel down to Plymouth for this one.

There will also be the opportunity to tour a Royal Navy hunter-killer nuclear submarine as well as the Falklands veteran – Valiant class submarine Courageous.

More details at Navy Days 2009 – Meet Your Navy

On a sort of related topic – this year happens to mark the 50th anniversary of the first crossing of the English Channel by a hovercraft, and the national hovercraft museum will be hosting a four-day series of events in the last weekend of July.

The museum is just outside Portsmouth and is about 90 minutes by train from London.

More details at the Hovercraft Museum.

Update: for some bizzare reason I wrote that Navy Days 2009 is being held in Southampton. It is of course, in Plymouth. Sorry!

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  1. EC

    Why did I just read the name of that ship as “HMS Darling”?

    I remember the hovercraft services across the Channel – unfortunately the Tunnel effectively squeezed them out of the market.

  2. IanVisits

    Why did I just read the name of that ship as “HMS Darling”?

    That’s a linguistic difficulty that I am also afflicted with when I read about the destroyer.

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