Thanks to an awesome invitation from the Royal Navy, I had the pleasure of of an hour on board HMS Illustrious this afternoon.

I’ll do a proper write-up tomorrow as I am quite tired this evening – but if you have a free day, pop along tomorrow (Sunday) as the sight from the shore of the ship is very impressive, but also there are static displays in the College grounds along with a demonstration of flying helicopters intercepting a patrol boat at 2pm (best views from the riverside in front of the college).

Until tomorrow though – here are a few photos:

Static display in Greenwich
Static display of Navy aircraft

Inside the main hanger
Inside the aircraft hanger

Big Lifts!
Big Lift

From the top of the (very high) ski jump ramp
HMS Illustrious from the top of the ski jump ramp

London from the flight-deck of HMS Illustrious
London from the top of the ski jump ramp

Greenwich riverside from the top of the flightdeck
Greenwich from the top of the "ski jump" ramp

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One comment on “On board HMS Illustrious: Part 1
  1. Dazza says:

    Does the word ‘jealous’ mean anything to you? LOL
    At least with the pictures I can dream……………