We are currently in a recession, and depending on which politician takes your flavour, either the worst prepared or the best prepared to deal with it.

In a possible vote of confidence, the highly fashionable Tesla Motors – who have developed a rather nice sports car that is amazingly, electric powered – has chosen London for its first European showroom.

Mayor Boris will doubtless be there at the opening day to tout its eco-credentials as part of his plan to boost the use of electric vehicles in London. Alas, I suspect that the average electric car user will end up with something a tad more mundane than the Tesla offering.

Telsa Electric Sports Car

Now to work out how I can get an invite to the press launch – and I wonder if even Diamond Geezer will be able to resist an invite? I am slightly less ethical and will happily purr over the car given a chance.

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  1. I’m 100% immune to cars, even electric ones.

  2. Send me all your contact information and you’ll be on the media invite list when the store opens!

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