After a bit of a delay, I have today launched my new weekly listings guide newsletter. This is an email which will be sent out henceforth every Wednesday and lists the events occurring for the forthcoming week, starting on the coming Saturday.

Personally, I find that receiving an email with reminders of things to do is easier than trying to remember to visit a website each week – and maybe you will agree with me on that?

It’s similar to the website listing, although to make it easier to use there is also a summary of each event which should make it faster to understand what the events are about without clicking to visit the website.

An example of the new listing format:

6:00 PMThe American Presidency: Bill Clinton
FA review of the Clinton Presidency in reshaping the Democratic Party – being held in Holborn.
  • To see a copy of this weeks inaugural newsletter – click here.
  • If you want to sign up for the weekly email – click here.

I’ll be adding the above summary feature to the website as well in the near future – once I have updated all the existing listings with a summary to display, which may, umm – take quite a while to complete.

One point to note and that is that the newsletter won’t list events which occur regularly (such as weekly heritage walks) as I really want to avoid cluttering up the newsletter with events which are not unique. The website still lists repeating events if you are bored (!) one day and want to find even more to do.

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2 comments on “A weekly newsletter is launched
  1. Rob says:

    Hi Ian – great idea. Nice to see you being interviewed on Londonist too :).

  2. I added the site to my blogroll (on which helpfully flags up when sites like this one were last posted to.