Scavenger Hunting @ the Acton Depot

Yesterday was one of the periodic opening at the Acton Depot, which holds tons of kit that can’t be fitted into the Transport Museum’s Covent Garden venue.  This weekend was themed around miniatures, so the place was also manned by lots of model railway groups.

Clue 18

As part of the fun, the museum also organised one of their periodic Scavenger Hunts – where teams are given a sheet of clues and have to rush around taking photos of the answers. Prizes awarded to the first team back and the one with the most correct answers.

My team (routemaster) did quite well I think – getting 17 out of 20 correct. We thought we had 19 – but two turned out to be wrong answers. Opps!

Part of the competition is to upload photos to Flickr who are part of the event – so you can have a look at my attempts here.

Clue 1 (part 2)

Much fun, and good to have a wander round the depot again – and thanks to Annie Mole for blogging about it so I could attend, along with the team at the Museum for organising the event.

Clue 13

Also, a write up of my first visit to the depot last March.

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