Just a tip – if heading over to the periodic open weekend at the Acton Depot this weekend, you would be strongly advised to try and get tickets from the Covent Garden museum before heading over to Acton as the queues there can at times get rather lengthy.

I’ll be there on the Saturday afternoon for the Scavenger Hunt fun.

Enjoy if you are heading over – some photos from a previous visit.

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  1. Rob

    I tried this last year and after waiting for 15 minutes to be served at the Covent Garden Museum, the guy disappeared for 15 minutes to try and sort me out with a ticket: he was initially unaware that they could sell tickets for Acton and couldn’t get hold of his manager to find out more.

    I think the queue at Acton would have been less than 30 minutes (indeed, by the time we got there there was no queue), not including the time spent/wasted getting to Covent Garden.

    So I guess the tip should be to go there if it’s on the way but don’t go out of your way to get a ticket beforehand as it may end up taking longer than waiting in line :).

  2. IanVisits

    I guess it is luck of the draw.

    When I got there at lunchtime, the queue was down the side-street, and out round the corner and onto the main road.

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