Consequences of the “Great Snow Crisis”

My internet at home is slow today – so I checked various thingymajigs and noticed that there are about double the normal number of Wi-Fi routers switched on and in range compared to an average daytime – and all of them are secure.

Evidently lots of people are working from home today and sucking up all the bandwidth from the local switch.

Unintended side effect of the snow – congestion on domestic internet connections.

I should have stayed in the coffee shop.

4 thoughts on “Consequences of the “Great Snow Crisis”

  1. That is indeed the downside of being a nomadic worker.

    You can’t choose who will want to sit next to you if trying to work in a coffee shop.

  2. Yes, the boredom factor is amplified by the internet non-speed today. I must second Martin on the front of the hostile take over of all coffee shops by the minors and their guardians. Cannot get a table anywhere!

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