As practically everyone is going to be uploading Snow-Photosâ„¢ today, I thought I’d join in.

I had intended to get up very early and try to get good photos, but a sore shoulder kept me up most of the night – and hence I overslept this morning – damn.

Here are a few from the flat though.

(PS – if you think the snow fuss is overblown, try this Facebook group)

The view from the living room

London Skyline - 1

London Skyline - 2

Looking down from the balcony

Looking down from the balcony

Bonus photo – the balcony itself. Not suitable for sitting outside today.

Bonus view - the balcony.

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  1. petoskystone

    very nice! hope your shoulder is better. the forecasters have cut out potential snow amount from 8″ to a mere 2″ for tues./weds. :(

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