Camden closes its parks on “snow day”

I heard about this on the BBC News and thought it was missinformed, but it seems that in fact, Camden Council have actually closed all their parks today for “health and safety” reasons.

The paths are slippery!

Well done Camden – how be to be the ultimate killjoys.

More at The Telegraph

7 thoughts on “Camden closes its parks on “snow day”

  1. …and Camden failed to properly grit their roads, from what I could see, at least in the southern part of their borough. On going in to work, there was a distinct change in the level of ice on the road, almost at the boundary line between Hackney and Camden. Hackney’s roads seemed to be pretty well gritted, Camden’s were atrocious.

  2. Urm, excuse my obvious and rather glaring geographical mistake – the dividing line was actually between Hackney and Islington… Anyway, both Islington and Camden had a lot of bad ice on their roads.

  3. You almost couldn’t make this one up could you? I was on primrose hill this morning at 8am with the sledgers and the snowboarders and it was great. People smiling, not thinking about work worries. Just great.

    And then there’s camden council

  4. There’s been no gritting at all as far as I can tell by Tower Hamlets council in the Docklands area – although the Canary Wharf estate (being private land) has cleared pavements.

    If my shoulder wasn’t in agony, and I owned a shovel, and I had the day off work – I’d be out clearing the paths where I live myself.

    I have done that in the past when councils were tardy with their efforts – it’s a civic duty sort of thing.

  5. so——-camden closes the parks. how does that stop anyone from walking in & enjoying themselves, anyway. or is this mindset purely american (i want to use the park, i’m going to use the park)?

  6. A lot of parks have fences and gates which block people getting into them if they are locked shut.

    I’m sure some people climbed over the fences though.

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