Sitting at home, and what should go past the flat, but an iceberg with a polar bear on top of it.

Iceberg on the Thames - 1

After having a WTF moment and grabbing the photo, I am now wondering where in the “Dummies Guide to Climate Change” did it mention icebergs in the River Thames.

Alternatively, it could be a publicity stunt for someone too shy to put a brandname on the iceberg (or the bear’s fur?)

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  1. petoskystone

    or a museum exhibit? certainly is a great photo for all of us who hold chaos close to our hearts :)

  2. leo

    too small, probably took a lot of work but just looks like a lump of polystyreen.

  3. Am I the only person to see the inherent ludicrousness of drawing attention to the melting ice caps by making a model out of polystyrene and/or plastic (it must be lighter than water, after all, in order to float) – both materials that will never biodegrade but hang around for EVER? And which probably contributed tons of CO2 to the environment during their manufacture? Eh? Hello? *knocks* Anyone home?

  4. petoskystone

    bummer–wasn’t a sign of immanent chaos :(

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