Newspaper headlines the morning after the Inauguration

There is a quite fascinating website which scans the front pages of newspapers from around the world, and this morning’s editions could have been dominated by one single story – the new President of the USA.

I had a scan down the 676 front pages and picked out the ones which I thought most notable – either for the headline or aesthetic reasons.

There was a general theme amongst all of them, being either hope, time for change, remaking America

The full list is at the Newseum.

I liked this one for showing the size of the venue where the inauguration took place – it also is very picturesque.

The Anniston Star


The colours are a bit washed out – but it is a good view of the crowd (and the media stand)

Daily News, published in Los Angeles, CA USA


Again, another good view of the crowds, and one of the expectant headlines.

San Jose Mercury News, published in San Jose, CA USA


This headline was a common one for many newspapers – reflecting the aspirations, and the election slogan

Ventura County Star, published in Ventura, CA USA


I liked the photo – which was used by a lot of papers – but the headline seemed to be presenting him to the nation.

The News-Times, published in Danbury, CT USA


Good double meaning in the headline, both what he said in the oath and if you take off the first word, is probably what he is thinking when looking at the task ahead.

Chicago Sun-Times, published in Chicago, IL USA


Another of the general themes in many newspapers – the idea of more responsibility for Americans

The Gazette, published in Cedar Rapids, IA USA


The Philadelphia Daily News had more important things to worry about this morning.

Philadelphia Daily News, published in Philadelphia, PA USA


The only one I noticed which referred to his position as Chief of the Armed Forces, albeit obliquely.

Kenosha News, published in Kenosha, WI USA


An Australian newspaper references the famous Martin Luther speech

The Courier-Mail, published in Brisbane, Australia


Even on momentous days, the Brazilian newspaper needs scantily clad ladies to help sell their papers

Amazônia Hoje, published in Belém, Brazil


In Canada, they look forward to a “New America” – with a good photo of the President on the sort of walkabout that President Bush would not really have been able to carry out.

Waterloo Region Record, published in Kitchener, Canada


Even Communist China noted that the USA had done something strange, called “an election”

Oriental Morning Post, published in Shanghai, China


In Colombia, they saw something strange – nope, not a black President – but flying saucers.

Hoy, published in Bogota, Colombia


An oddly “English” headline for the German newspaper.

BILD, published in Berlin, Germany


The Jamaican newspaper applauding the election of a Black President – and one of the few to show the Bible in the photo.

Jamaica Observer, published in Kingston, Jamaica


Quite an interesting front page from a Portugese newspaper, with (I presume) President Obama’s signature as the main feature.

Jornal de Notícias, published in Porto, Portugal


A close up of the Bible – quite an interesting photo I thought for the newspaper to choose.

Público, published in Madrid, Spain


Double meaning here – is it the promises he has made, or the promise of his new Presidency?

The Times, published in London, UKThe full list is at the Newseum.

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  1. Ian: Just a note from across the pond to acknowledge your inclusion of our newspaper’s front paper in your inaugural scan. Our team from news, production, marketing and distribution did a superb job capturing the moment in an 8-page commemorative section that “wrapped” around our regular edition today. –Ken Dowdell, publisher

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