The wrong ladder

One of the many tedious adverts exhorting us to sue people for our own clumsy mistakes is featuring a guy who, in his words “was fitting a fire alarm system but had been given the wrong sort of ladder”. He is dramatically shown as the ladder slides away under him and he falls to the ground.

He sues and gets compensation.

However – if the guy is qualified to fit a fire alarm, shouldn’t he be intelligent enough to know that a) the ladder was the wrong one and b) know that climbing a ladder without suitable supports at the base is a very stupid thing to do?

I think we need a “should have used his common sense” test before lawsuits are allowed to proceed.

You can see the advert on the ubiquitous YouTube site.

One thought on “The wrong ladder

  1. Precisely!

    Having just been into the local Homebase Store and purchased a small set of kitchen steps (four aluminium steps) on the top step are large stencilled words stating STOP ! Words fail me in 60 years of existence!


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