I have always found William Hague to be one of the great Parliamentary speakers of our modern times. He usually manges to score very good political points, but often uses humour and his slightly droll sarcastic accent to deliver them with aplomb.

The speech I most remember is his final Queens Speech, which is supposed to be light hearted anyway, but he delivered one of the funniest speeches I have ever heard there – and it was almost afterwards that you realised he had delivered some clever political points as well.

Just recently, there was some coverage of a recent speech on the news – and thanks to a link on Fark, I have found out that it has been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety. Yay!

It’s nice to listen to a person deliver a message in a manner which is a pleasure to listen to – even if you don’t agree with what they are saying. I loved listening to Tony Benn in Parliament, and even if I thought his understanding of economics was barmy at best, his way of painting a picture when talking about international affairs was wonderous to hear.

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