A few weeks ago, I wrote about the claimed Roman Baths just behind The Strand. The baths can be opened up if a group is visiting, and as I just happened to be taking a group to visit a nearby place – I phoned Westminster Council and they kindly allowed us to have a look inside.

As you go in through the door, there is a steep couple of steps down, and then there is a short corridor, with a door way to the bathroom to the rear. There is also a small dark room at the back where we found a wall covered in tiles.

As you go into the bath room itself, the warm muggy smell of water is omnipresent and there is a small fenced off area to stand and peer into the waters.

It isn’t very deep, and the brickwork is fairly modern – not Roman at all.

I think we were there for about a quarter of an hour in total as the space is quite small so only a few went in at a time – but it was a nice little detour and I am grateful to the council for agreeing to open the place up for us.

I have added a few more photos to the earlier ones I took and uploaded to my flickr account

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